Auto Insurance

With about 1.2 billion people driving around, accidents are bound to happen. No one wants to be uninsured and stuck when that happens. At Insurance West we offer a variety of insurance options to fit your needs and situation. Our experienced agents can guide you through the process of finding the perfect coverage for you vehicle so you can feel protected.

Types of Vehicles Covered

  • A car, pickup, or van GVW under 10,000 lbs. that is not used for carrying cargo or delivery.
  • An owned trailer,Rental and Commercial Travel Trailer, Animal and Utility Trailers
  • A temporary substitute, a car or trailer you do not own, that is being used because your auto is out of service.

What Coverages can I get for my vehicle?


Covers bodily injury and property damages you are legally obligated to pay

Medical Payments

Covers medical or funeral expenses caused by an accident


Covers a person who does not meet the state’s liability requirement


Covers you or your passenger when you are in an accident.


Covers damage from hitting another vehicle or object, or rollover


Covers other damages not included in Collision coverage.

We accept the following:

  • Non-renewed, Cancelled and No Prior Insurance
  • DUI’s and SR22’s State Filings
  • Multiple Violations
  • Excluded Drivers (any driver except the named insured)
  • Suspended, Expired, Foreign drivers license
  • Broad Form
  • Bad or No Credit