From motorcycle trips down the highway to ATV’s tearing up the sands, we have you covered! It’s good to have fun but also to be safe and know that you are protected. With options for personalized coverage plans you can be sure that we will find what you need.

Types of Toys Covered:

  • Cruisers, Sport Bikes, Touring Bikes, Dirt Bikes.
  • Mopeds, Scooters.
  • ATV’s, Snowmobiles.
  • Custom and over 25 year old motorcycles.
  • Golf Carts
  • Recreational Vehicle

What Coverages Can I Get For My Vehicle?



Total Loss

Off Road Coverage

Safety Riding Apparel

Medical Payments



Rental Vehicle

Enhanced Injury Protection

We Accept the Following:

  • Non-renewed, Cancelled and No Prior Insurance
  • DUI’s and SR22’s State Filings
  • Multiple Violations
  • Excluded Drivers (any driver except the named insured)
  • Suspended, Expired, Foreign drivers license
  • Broad Form
  • Bad or No Credit

Not all coverages or products are available in every state.